Animation is known as the ”Illusion of Life” animators create performances that allow an audience to forget they are seeing pixels on a screen.

If you have been paying attention to popular media over the past decade, you have no doubt seen a lot of what it can do on the big screen or your home console. Say, 3D animated movies, television, and games, as well as computer generated 3D effects in live–action entertainment. Always up to date and fully featured, Maya is a great program to learn if you are hoping to start a career as a professional 3D animator.

Learning 3D animation with Maya is relatively arduous and expensive, so if its features are beyond your needs, that might give you reason to look elsewhere. If you are ready to take on this extensive and feature rich program, jump in with a course Covering Maya & Film Making at Fu–VISION, only place with Divinity we always proudly say for it’s Core Trainer team, not just an experience of two or three but a Robust Exposure and expertism in the Real–time for more than decade to Walk along every budding Animator & Movie maker.

Fu–3D Anime Film makers at Fu–VISION are highly meticulously trained and particularly insisted to follow the 12 Principles of Animation tagging along the Film making Process. And hence equipping them absolutely Industry ready and Absorbable.

Concept Development

Great films begin with great concepts. At Fu–VISION in order to create the strongest possible piece a final project, Fu-3D Anime Film makers discuss the story and design for their film right from the first week of the program. They pitch and refine the script, research their character’s background and the visual design of the story, and will create a design booklet, concept drawing, storyboards, and 2D and 3D animatics with Visual Effects & Compositing.

3D Character Animation

At the core of Fu-3D Anime Film maker’s animation studies comes Autodesk Maya. Candidates begin the program with a brief refresher in foundational animation tools. To enhance the character animation skills and give the best foundation for creating an excellent final project, they also make a thorough & detailed study on the facets of filmmaking like cinematography (for designing the perfect shots) and acting (helping you truly understand the human form and physical movement). Under the supervision of instructors and industry mentors, our Fu-3D Anime Film makers will be responsible for the full production of their final Movie. They professionally follow a production schedule and deliver shots by specified deadlines – just as in a studio production environment.

3D Modeling

Models are the foundation of all 3D media. Before you can animate your character for your film, you will need to create the 3D model. In the modeling phase, our Fu-3D Anime Film makers will study the techniques and tools for creating 3D models in Maya, with the primary focus on Polygonal modeling techniques. They expertise themselves the methodologies of modeling using NURBS and Subdivision Surfaces.

Rigging Character Setup

A 3D model is only as good as its setup. Our Fu-3D Anime Film makers here well verse themselves to rig, skin, and test their character skeleton, ensuring its movement–from walking, running and jumping right down to its facial expressions – is authentic and smooth.

A strong character setup allows maximum creativity when animating – crucial when it’s your own unique model that you animate, a valuable skill in an industry in which you may be setting up characters for other artists to animate. Fu-3D Anime Film makers are the Trend Setters in the same!!

Texturing, Lighting and Rendering

To archive the perfect, polished look for their animation, Fu-3D Anime Film makers develop an in-depth understanding of Maya techniques that allow them to create both realistic and cartoon–style surface appearances on their models. They will also practice lighting with Maya, texturing with Photoshop, and will have the option of practicing to render with Mental Ray – which speaks for themselves.

At Fu- VISION after learning foundational art and computer animation skills and exploring a variety of 3D disciplines, you may elect to specialize in 3D Animation. Fu-3D Anime Film makers refine their focus in disciplines such as Storyboarding, Visual Storytelling, Art Direction, Character Design Modeling and Setup, 3D Animation, 3D Texturing, and 3D Lighting.

Under the guidance of instructors and industry mentors, you will develop a complete animated short film,. from concept development through the processes of animation, lighting, texturing, rendering, and sound, which you really find in very few Training environments making candidates to explore all the areas in a single Program.Where Fu-VISION School for Animedia does.

On completion of this Diploma course in 3D Animation, Candidates can expect to work in any of the design and animation studios as a 3D Artist. In the last 15 years, the 3D Animation industry has seen a surge in demand with newer trends being formed every now and then.

Students specializing in 3D Animation most often go on to work as character animators, texture and lighting artists, and pre-visualization artists in film, television and many more related areas with ample scope. Above all they can be a Freelance Earning Bird.