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Fu-VISION School for AniMedia Solutions is an organization first time in Animation & Multimedia Training Industry established by 20 years of intricately experienced polymath professionals, specialized not just in Anime & Movie making Industry but successfully proved their expertism in vivid field say Information Technology, Architecture & Interiors, Development, Production and Testing.

Team- Fu-VISION AniMedia have been noticing most of the Animation & Filmmaking aspirants especially in South of India not spending time primarily in understanding the Movie Making Pipeline, the system, the techniques, the logics and intricacies, the technicians, their roles and responsibilities, the challenges and other prerequisite mandatory information before they start the Learning Process for the same. Where as these are the ones which make anyone to render best of the involvement and dedication towards the Program they choose throughout the Learning and Advancement Process.

Not paying attention to these is why there is a large Gap found, where Candidates trained or not, toggle between extreme difficulties and migrate to Cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc and expect to be employable and top up their expensive living is the pressure in the end of landing into a job, which only comes with experience. The worst part is to head back home (Native towns) unsuccessfully or compromise in unrelated job profiles or uninterested ones.

This is why Fu-VISION established our organization here (South Tamil Nadu) exclusively to serve these aspiring minds and help them in getting right career across.

So to decide and single out the right career on Animation or Filmmaking modules, Fu-VISION personally would like to take privilege in spending enough time with every single aspirant along with their well-wishers or guides, to provide the best Exposure, knowledge and Psychologically analyze their ability to Visualize, Characterize and Dominate the Industry.

Listen to us carefully now... It's not just your Drawing Skills, Creativity and Software or tools but Learning to Animate Matters. By the time you go through our entire Website if you find a small spark happening within you, then you are already been inspired to be the best candidature of Fu-VISION's Animation & Filmmaking Program. And remember! The outcome of your Learning curve is all dependent on the outcome of your involvement and commitment towards the same.